HP & Ariel Carlomagno | Web copy

HP Graphic Solutions Business
Web copy, case study

CHALLENGE Develop customer success stories for the HP Graphic Solutions Business, which appear both online and in print and highlight nine different industries and four different product lines.

ROLE Editor; writer

SUCCESS Whether acting as a writer or editor, I worked to ensure that each story was on strategy and tailored to the appropriate audience. This experience allowed me to interview and write about people from around the world, including photographer Ariel Carlomagno.

EXCERPT “When you arrive somewhere to take your first picture, it’s a very intimate moment between you and the location,” says renowned Argentinean photographer Ariel Carlomagno. It’s an experience he knows well—travel has become an essential part of his photography.

Most recently, Carlomagno, a National Geographic photographer and member of the HP Experts & Mentors program, completed an eight-month journey around Mexico. The result: Latidos de México, or Heartbeats of Mexico… From starlit ruins in Oaxaca to the weathered face of an elderly woman in Chihuahua, Carlomagno’s photos intimately portray the heart of Mexico’s past and present.