HP ePrint & Share | Website refresh

Website refresh, web copy
HP Graphic Solutions Business

CHALLENGE Create and execute a strategy for the migration of existing microsite content to hp.com to support the re-launch of the HP Graphic Solutions Business’s cloud-based service, HP ePrint & Share.

ROLE Creative lead; editor

SUCCESS As the creative lead, I conducted a content assessment and created site maps to establish the new site structure and navigation. I also led a team of writers to ensure all copy was consistent, accurate, and on strategy. By working closely with the client, I kept the team in lockstep with changing product specifications to ensure the new web pages were ready in time for the product launch.

This project was part of an overall refresh of the HP Graphic Solutions Business website that I led during a two year period. This involved reshaping the information architecture, updating page designs, developing new content and style guides, and more.